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MD Bank mBanking is a mobile application that allows you to manage your money anytime, anywhere. It allows customers to access their bank accounts, make payments, transfer funds, and perform various other banking functions through a mobile application.

Account access

Customers can view their account balances, transaction history, and account details directly from their mobile devices.

Fund transfers

MD Bank mBanking enables users to transfer money between their own accounts or to other individuals or businesses conveniently and securely.

Other Bank Transfer:

Customers can transfer money from your MD Bank account to any of our other banks using CBM.Net. The safe, secure, and instant transfer service is now available to all MD Bank account holders.

Bill payments

Customers can pay their bills online using mobile banking, including utilities, credit card bills, loan payments, and other recurring expenses.

Mobile Top Up and Data Packs

Top up your mobile phone credit or buy special data packs from any of the major telecom providers in Myanmar. This fast and free service is available 24/7.

ATM/Branch locator

mBanking apps include a feature that helps users locate nearby ATMs or branches of MD Bank.

Notifications and alerts

Customers can receive real-time notifications and alerts regarding their account activity, such as transaction updates, balance notifications, or payment reminders.


mBanking apps typically incorporate robust security measures, such as secure login methods, encryption, and fraud monitoring, to protect customer data and transactions.

Customer support

mBanking platforms often offer customer support options, such as in-app messaging or chat features, allowing users to seek assistance or resolve issues quickly.

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