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Know your accessibility overview to save time.

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Know your accessibility overview to save time.

Know your accessibility overview to save time.

We are committed to making our website accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities at MD Bank. Accessible Banking provides you with a variety of accounts and services created to make banking simpler and more convenient for all consumers. We believe in inclusivity and strive to ensure that our online banking services are accessible and easy to use for all.

Accessible Banking Principles

Inclusivity: We want to make banking accessible to everybody. No one is left behind with our accessible services and platforms.

User-Centric Approach: Accessibility drives our customer experience. Our banking services are straightforward and easy to use for people of all abilities because we prioritise our varied client base.

Technology Innovation: We welcome technology. Screen reader compatibility, keyboard navigation, and adaptable interfaces provide accessible banking across devices and platforms.

Collaboration and Feedback: We solicit feedback from consumers, disability advocates, and accessibility specialists. We learn and grow through talking, making banking more accessible and inclusive.

Education and Awareness:We promote accessibility and disability rights. We promote inclusiveness and accessibility awareness through educational activities and collaborations.

Training and Support: We teach our staff accessibility best practises. Our support professionals are trained to provide disabled clients with personalised assistance.

Continuous Improvement: Accessibility is a journey. We assess our systems, services, and client input to improve accessibility.

Equitable Opportunities: We support equitable financial services access for everyone. We make banking accessible so everyone can handle their funds independently.

Empathy and Respect: We value each customer’s requirements and experiences while providing accessibility. We strive to make banking safe, friendly, and inclusive.

We are dedicated to fostering accessibility, empowering individuals, and providing a seamless banking experience for all.

Website accessibility

We are continually seeking to improve the accessibility and usability of our website for all of our consumers. Our accessibility initiatives are predicated on the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Platform Screen Reader Browser
Desktop Windows 7 or higher


Mac OS

Firefox layer 93 or higher
Chrome layer 93 or higher
Edge layer 96
(Windows 10 or higher)10.9 or higher
Mobile Android


IOS 14.0 or higher

14.0 or higher


Application for MD Bank Accessibility clients

Customers of MD Bank and its branches (MD Bank) can request banking services through our website. The application will be forwarded directly to the appropriate Relationship Managers. Consequently, you are kindly required to provide your name, an accurate phone number, and an email address. Regarding the adult’s request, we will respond with as much precision as feasible.

We encourage you to contact our Head Office and local branch for additional information on the available services.

Accessibility of MD Bank Employment Application

MD Bank and its branches (MD Bank) invite all qualified candidates to register for available positions. if a reasonable accommodation is required to register and/or interview for a career opportunity; Please email me in advance of your interview date so that I can respond to your request as accurately as feasible.

Please note that this application must be submitted through a website designed specifically to assist applicants’ requests related to MD Bank’s recruitment process. This website will not respond to inquiries regarding the status of submitted applications. During the recruitment procedure, we will make adjustments in accordance with applicable law. Below are some of the methods we assist consumers who require additional assistance.

We encourage you to contact MD Bank HO and local branch for additional information on the available services.