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4th Annual General Meeting

16 Dec 2022

We are pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the 4th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of MD Bank, which took place on the 16th of December, 2022, at the MD Bank Head Office. The meeting brought together members of the Board of Directors/Board of Commissioners, shareholders, the Commissioner team, and key members of the Management Committee.

The AGM commenced with an opening speech by U Yone Mu, the esteemed Patron of MD Bank, setting a tone of purpose and unity for the gathering. Following this, the Board of Directors’ report and financial reports were presented, providing valuable insights into the bank’s performance and fiscal standing.

During the interactive session, members of the Board of Directors addressed pre-submitted questions from shareholders and responded to suggestions and queries from those attending the meeting. This engagement facilitated transparency and open communication between the bank and its shareholders, ensuring clarity and alignment of objectives.

A significant moment of the AGM was the approval of the election of directors and the reformation of the bank, highlighting the collective commitment to the bank’s growth and development.

The 4th AGM drew to a successful close with a closing speech by U Yone Mu, Patron of MD Bank, expressing gratitude for the participation and contributions of all attendees. We extend our appreciation to our shareholders, members of the Board of Directors/Board of Commissioners, and all participants for their dedication and support, which contributed to the success of the event.

As we reflect on the outcomes of the 4th AGM, we remain committed to advancing the goals and objectives of MD Bank. We look forward to building upon the discussions and decisions made during the meeting to drive continued progress and success in the future.


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