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Relocation of the Mandalay Branch

05 Apr 2023

As of April 5, 2023, the branch can now be found at No. 438, 80th Street, situated between 27th and 28th Streets in Chan Aye Thar San Township, Mandalay. Members of the BOD/BOC, shareholders, newcomers, and devoted customers all attended the branch’s ceremonial opening, for which we sincerely thank them. In a promising development, MD Bank has taken proactive measures to expand its Digital Banking system, paving the way for the establishment of new branches across Myanmar.

On January 20, 2016, MD Bank was granted a limited company licence by the Companies Registration Office. The licence was issued under the business registration number (3246/2015-2016) (Raka) for a limited company associated with MD Bank. In a significant development, our organisation successfully acquired a business licence from the esteemed Central Bank of Myanmar on November 15, 2018. This milestone enabled us to officially commence our commercial banking operations, marking a new chapter in our journey.

In an effort to enhance convenience for our valued clients who rely on our banking services, we are diligently expanding our branch network in Myanmar’s key economic hubs. The expansion of MD Bank’s Digital Banking infrastructure has officially begun. The company expresses its desire for a higher percentage of customer engagement through online platforms. In an effort to revolutionise the banking industry, our company is diligently working towards enhancing our products and services. Moreover, we are actively engaged in predicting the future banking habits of our esteemed clients. MD Bank is committed to delivering the utmost in user-friendly digital experiences and cutting-edge technology while also prioritising the establishment of secure customer communication.

In our daily operations, our primary objective is to enhance our clients’ financial prosperity by consistently making decisions that prioritise their best financial interests.

The company claims to possess the necessary resources and expertise to support customers in achieving their goals, be it through property investment, business development, or adopting a sustainable business approach.

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