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Donation for the 4th Year Anniversary

05 Nov 2023

In a show of generosity and community spirit, MD Bank and its dedicated employees recently extended a helping hand to Shwe Yadanar Seminary. The noble gesture, which coincided with the bank’s fourth anniversary, involved the contribution of funds, meals, and essential supplies to the esteemed institution. The Shwe Yadanar Seminary serves as a facility dedicated to the care of Nums, Young Novices, and Elderly Nums. During the lunch break, the Deputy CEO of MD Bank, along with his employees, engaged in acts of giving and support. MD Bank has announced that its profits will be used to support various initiatives aimed at promoting health, education, and living conditions, while also expanding financial opportunities.

In a significant development, MD Bank has been granted a company licence as a limited company associated with MD Bank. The licence, bearing the business registration number (3246/2015-2016) (Raka), was officially issued by the Companies Registration Office on 20 January 2016. On November 15, 2018, the Central Bank of Myanmar granted us a business licence, allowing us to officially begin our operations in the field of commercial banking.

In an effort to enhance the convenience of our valued customers who rely on our banking services, we are pleased to announce our ongoing expansion of branches in key economically significant cities across Myanmar. In a move towards growth, MD Bank has recently embarked on an expansion of its Digital Banking infrastructure. The company expressed its desire to see a steady increase in the proportion of customers engaging with them through online platforms. The company is currently undergoing a reimagining of its banking services, with a focus on enhancing its goods and services. Additionally, the company is also projecting how its clients will engage in banking activities in the future. MD Bank is committed to providing its customers with the best user-friendly digital experience and cutting-edge technology. Additionally, the bank prioritises the development of secure client communication.

In their ongoing pursuit of financial prosperity, our team diligently works each day to make decisions that prioritise the best interests of our clients.

With the necessary tools and expertise at our disposal, we are capable of assisting our clients in accomplishing their goals, be it the acquisition of a desired residence, the establishment of a new enterprise, or the adoption of a more sustainable business approach.