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SME Banking

Encouraged financing solution for your SME business.

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SME Banking

Encouraged financing solution for your SME business.

SMEs in Myanmar represent a significant portion of the country’s economy, with over 90% of all businesses category. These businesses are crucial to employment and economic growth in Myanmar, and supporting their financial needs is essential for the overall development of the country. MD Bank recognizes the importance of SMEs in Myanmar and is committed to supporting their growth and development through a range of banking services and loan products.

MD Bank understands that SMEs face unique financial challenges and requires specialized financial support to grow and expand. We offer a range of loan products and services tailored to the specific needs of SMEs, such as business loans, working capital loans, and trade finance services.

Business Deposit

A business deposit account is a specialized financial tool tailored for businesses…

SME Loan

Use a SME loan from MD Bank to achieve your life goal…

International Trade Facilities

International Trade Facilities MD Bank offers Trade Financing Facilities services using cash,…

Cash Management Services

Cash management services offered by banks are designed to help businesses manage…

Payment Services

Bank can provide specialized payment services to SMEs, including international payments, local…

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