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Our organization and employees have been at their finest and most meaningful. In the future, we will retain our dedication to ensuring that the lived experience across the Bank is consistent with our mission and values.

Being a fantastic place to work: MD Bank’s initiative to find the most effective personnel

Beginning in 2022, MD Bank will undergo a complete change in its operational approach. In particular this year, management is hiring more individuals with banking experience as they become more aware of the value of human resources. We can create new departments for things like business and product development, banking, Treasury, and Financial Institutions.

Moreover, giving new personnel chances to take on more responsibility and better long-term potential for the bank. The management takes financial support into account, such as repacking a larger salary range to entice a technical worker. Additionally, make arrangements for employee benefits such Thadinkyut, Water Festival, and the giving of New Year’s Day little bonues to our personnel. Home alone, staff loans based on service year, and other forms of personal welfare were offered for the convenience of the personnel.

We stand out for our dedication to being a great place to work.

Offering a competitive compensation is also better for retaining employees. An employee who stays with an organization because they received a pay increase is easily seduced by offers from other businesses. Noncash incentives, on the other hand, allow organizations forge relationships with employees that they won’t find at other businesses. Because the focus is on the act of acknowledgment itself, which has value from the employee’s perspective, it is the most cost-effective option. Additionally, another research indicated that the top workplace demotivator was a lack of acknowledgment.

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