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Home Loan

Let’s embrace your new home!

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Home Loan

Let’s embrace your new home!

Home Loan

Let’s embrace your new home!

Our home loan is a key for unlocking your dream home. MD Bank offers hassle-free home loans to help you achieve your
home sweet loan. It will help you to accomplish your home ownership goals and realize your future aspiration.

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Home Loan Scheme

  • Purchasing of a house with land
  • Purchase of Condo/Mini Condo/Apartment
  • Construction of new/ existing house
  • Renovation to house, Condominiums and Apartments


Down Payment (30% – 50%)
Loan Amount Up to 70% of purchase amount/total project cost (subject to Bank satisfaction.)
Loan repayment period Up to 15 Years
Loan repayment method Equal monthly instalment (EMI)
Minimum monthly income Kyats 1 million and above.


Eligible Borrower

Individuals have a permanent source of income.
(For Example – Employees, Businessman, Professional etc.)

Proof of Income evidences

Proof of Income evidences

  1.  Salary Pay Slip – 6 months
  2.  Salary Recommendation from HR of Company/ Government Department
  3.  Income Tax – 6 Months
  4.  Employee Card (Copy)

For Businesses

  1.  License of Business (Copy)
  2.  Income Tax for the last 2 years and the Current year
  3.  Financial Statements for the last 2 years and the current year
  4.  BOD Resolution from Borrower (If Borrower is Company)
  5.  BOD Resolution from Guarantor (If Guarantor is Company)
  6.  Company Registration Certificate issued by DICA, Company extract including the list of shareholders and Constitution of the company (As per registered in MYCO DICA.

Type of Collaterals

  • Land and Building,
  • Condo and Mini-Condo,
  • Apartment

Required Documents

  1. Home Loan application
  2. KYC documents and income proof of borrower & Guarantors
    •  NRC (Copy)
    •  Census (Copy)
    •  Ward Recommendation (Original)
    •  Passport Photo (2 pecs)
    •  If customers have other bank loans, customers need to submit 6 months of Loan Statements.
    •  Photos of Shops /Offices / Company Etc (For Business)
    •  Photos of Apartment / Condo/ Land and Building (For Collateral)

(Remark- Photos of Front / Back / Right Side / Left Side of the Building) 3 Sets

Personal Guarantee

Father and Mother(or) Spouse (or) a family member of Census.

Documents regarding house property
Details of property to be constructed/purchased
Copies of all related documents of the property to be purchased
Related contracts/agreements Etc (the contractor, supplier)
Stage-wise construction cost details for the construction/renovation of the house Etc