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Loyalty Card

MD Bank Loyalty Card

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Loyalty Card

MD Bank Loyalty Card

Loyalty Card

  • No Risk for carry cash
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts and rewards on your purchases
  • Spend Comfortably you’re traveling with MDB’s Loyalty Card
Debit Card


  • Easy to apply
  • Top up via MDPay, MD Digital Banking and MD Branches
  •  Check real time transaction on MDPay.

How to Apply

You can apply at the nearest MD bank branches.

Fee & Charges

  • Annual Fee (Principal) 100,000 MMK
  • Annual fee (Supple) 50,000 MMK
  • Pin Reissuing Fee 1,000 MMK
  • Replacement Card Fee 10,000 MMK
  • Cash Advance Fees (MD Bank ATM) 6% (Min – 1,000 MMK)
  • Cash Advance Fees (Other ATM) 6% (Min – 1,000 MMK) + Other Bank Charges
  • Cash Advance Fees (International ATM) 1,1000MMK+Mark-up+Oversea Bank Charges(Mininum Charges for each Txn is 1,000MMK)
  • Late Fees (Per Month) 2%
  • Balance Inquires Fee ( Any ATM) Free
  • Interest (Per Year) 20%
  • Penalty Fee 1%
  • Legal Noice fee 30,000 MMK (No payments for 180 days and abrove from billing date)
  • Over Limit Fee 3%
  • Bank Statement Printing Fee 1,500 MMK