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Gift Card

MD Bank Gift Card

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Gift Card

MD Bank Gift Card

Gift Card

MDB Gift Card can use for both personal and giftable item and intended for all gift-giving when you need to give birthday, wedding, traveling and others.

Debit Card


Easy to apply

Top up via MDPay, MD Digital Banking and MD Branches

Check real time transaction on MDPay.

Bank account is not required

How to Apply

You can apply at the nearest MD bank branches.

Fee & Charges

  • Card Fee : 12,000 MMK
  • Annual Fee : 10,000 MMK (1st year annual fee waived)
  • Initial Top-up Limit before Registration : 10,000 MMK (Minimum) 1,000,000 MMK (Maximum)
  • Top-up Limit after Registration : 10,000 MMK (Minimum) 3,000,000 MMK (Maximum)
  • Card Replacement Fee : 12,000 MMK
  • Cross Border Transaction Fee : 57% per transaction