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Term Loan

Term loans are especially useful for the purpose of investing in CapEx for fixed assets (e.g., the setting up of new commercial or industrial units) for up to 3 years. A term loan is usually for a long-term financing plan, and repaying before maturity can incur a prepayment fee.

Debit Card


Loan repayment Period Up to 3 years
Interest Payment Monthly

Eligible Borrower

  • General traders
  • Importers/ Exporters
  • Industrial / SME/ Corporate Units
  • Construction/ Real estate contractors
  • Any other business conglomerates (where applicable)

Proof of Income Evidences

  • License of Business (Copy)
  • Income Tax for the Last 2 years and the Current year
  • Financial Statement for Last 2 years and current year

For Businesses

  • BOD Resolution from Borrower (If Borrower is Company)
  • BOD Resolution from Guarantor (If Guarantor is Company)
  • Company Registration Certificate issued by DICA, Company extract including the list of shareholders and Constitution of the company (As per registered in MYCO DICA.

Required Documents

  1. Loan application
  2. KYC documents and income proof of borrower & Guarantors
    • NRC (Copy)
    • Census (Copy)
    • Ward Recommendation (Original)
    • Passport Photo (2 pecs)
    • Photo of business Places, shops, warehouses Etc:
    • Photo of the building (Front, Back, Sides, Inside and Floor by Floor)
    • Grant Documents related to lease/ Free Hold land, Register Documents and other related documents.
    • Land Map (Form 105), Land History (Form 106) at most one year.
    • Legal Opinion from the lawyer about the security property.



Personal Guarantee: Personal Guarantee of significant shareholders, partners if the loan is in the name of company/firm.
Corporate Guarantee: Company /firm who uses the finance( if the facility is in the name of shareholders, partners )

Type Collateral

Land and Building and Other

Fees and Charges

Interest Rate 10 %p.a.