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Project Financing

Project financing is suitable for businesses that are extending on notable government and private infrastructure projects that are fully supported by a strong payment source. We are financing up to 70% of the project cost by expecting cash flow from its operation. Our bank’s loan specialists will also be able to provide complimentary advisory services on cash flow and loan structuring for feasible projects.

Debit Card


Loan repayment Period Up to one year
Financing up to 70% of project cost
Interest Payment Monthly


Eligible Borrower

Companies/ Individuals who undertake construction projects, supply contracts, Etc from Govt or sub – contract works from reputed builders, project owners, service contracts Etc (short Term projects)

Proof of Income evidences

  1. License of Business (Copy)
  2. Income Tax for the last 2 years and the Current year
  3. Financial Statements for the last 2 years and the current year
  4. BOD Resolution from Borrower (If Borrower is Company)
  5. BOD Resolution from Guarantor (If Guarantor is Company)
  6. Company Registration Certificate issued by DICA, Company extract including the list of shareholders and
  7. Constitution of the company (As per registered in MYCO DICA.)

Required Documents

  1. Loan application
  2. KYC documents and income proof of borrower & Guarantors
    • NRC (Copy)
    • Census (Copy)
    • Ward Recommendation (Original)
    • Passport Photo (2 pecs)
    • Photo of Business and project place
    • Copy of project Contracts (Current year)
    • Project Plan
    • Project Time Line Schedule
    • Project Cost and project cash flow Plan


Personal Guarantee: Personal Guarantee of significant shareholders, partners if the loan is in the name of company/firm.
Corporate Guarantee: Company /firm who uses the finance ( if the facility is in the name of share holders, partners )

Type of Primary Security

Domiciliation letter from the Govt dept/ Contractor who awarded the contract

Fees and Charges

Interest Rate 10 %p.a. – 14.5%p.a.
Service Charges 1%


Note: The interest rate will subject to change depend on bank assessment on the risk profile of the borrower.