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Visa Gold Card

Compare and find the card payment that's right for you.

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Visa Gold Card

Compare and find the card payment that's right for you.

Visa Gold

MD Bank Visa Credit Card offers convenience in payments and can be used at any Visa outlet both in Myanmar and over 160 countries globally.

Debit Card

How to Apply

  • Age must be 21 years old and above.

You can apply at the nearest MD bank branches.


  • Enjoy Visa discounts and offers worldwide for both retail and e-commerce
  • Check your purchase transactions in real-time using MD Pay Wallet
  • Minimum income of MMK 12 million per annum


  1.   Personal Guarantee of one person with income (exempted for special cases)
  2.  Documents for Borrower & Guarantor
    • Application Form
    • NRC Copy – Original to verify
    • Copy of Passport
    • Recent Passport Size Photo
    • Copy of Household Registration Letter
    • Recommendation from Head of Quarter
  3.  Income Proof – For the Employee
    • 3 Months Bank Statement
    • Certificate from Employer
    • Pay Slip (not required, if salary is credited to bank account)
    • Copy of Tax Book
  4.  Income Proof for Self Employed /Business
    •   6 Months Bank Statement
    •   Business License/ Company Registration
    •   DICA extract showing shareholder details
    •   Previous Year Tax Receipt
    •   Site visit by bank staff and assessment of business activity

Fee & Charges

  • Annual Fee (Principal) 60,000 MMK
  • Annual fee (Supple) 30,000 MMK
  • Pin Reissuing Fee 1,000 MMK
  • Replacement Card Fee 10,000 MMK
  • Cash Advance Fees (MD Bank ATM) 6% (Min – 1,000 MMK)
  • Cash Advance Fees (Other ATM) 6% (Min – 1,000 MMK) + Other Bank Charges
  • Cash Advance Fees (International ATM) 1,1000MMK+Mark-up+Oversea Bank Charges(Mininum Charges for each Txn is 1,000MMK)
  • Late Fees (Per Month) 2%
  • Balance Inquires Fee ( Any ATM) Free
  • Interest (Per Year) 20%
  • Penalty Fee 1%
  • Legal Noice fee 30,000 MMK (No payments for 180 days and abrove from billing date)
  • Over Limit Fee 3%
  • Bank Statement Printing Fee 1,500 MM